Located on the southwestern coast of Eradnis, Iskend is a city-state ruled by a hereditary monarch. Iskend is home to about 30,000 subjects, primarily humans, dragonborn, dwarves, elves, halflings, half-elves, and tieflings. The Iskendran nation has a strong martial tradition, many arcane practitioners, and a powerful connection to the divine as well. There are few devotees of the primal powers in Iskend, though this has begun to change now that peace has been made with Streicha. The kingdom has many orders of knighthood, peerage, and honors.

Iskend is primarily a Good nation with lawful tendencies. They are strongly expansionist, with Reya and Shan as the most popular Gods.

Other nearby communities that owe allegiance to Iskend are Kingshire, Hillshire, Kingsport, Veil Keep, Portsmouth, and Thornwall.


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