Thi-Ree, The Fathers' Tools

Dwarven tools of great power


The powers of the Thi-Ree are unknown, but appear to grant great ability to create or construct buildings of dwarven craftsmanship. The Thi-Ree are legendary, and seven sets are said to exist. Seven is a curious number for dwarves, since it is both odd and prime and dwarves consider such numbers unlucky.

The Fathers’ Tools are crafted from light, strong wood and adamant and are etched all over with dwarven sigils of craft, care, obedience, and skill. Altogether, the set consists of forty hand-tools of various sizes and types weighing about 100 lbs.

When the tools were split into two groups, they apparently labored on their own to building a connecting set of stairs between the two areas they were kept—-despite one of these areas being in a pocket dimension!


According to Ordrim of Great Lodge, the tools are dangerous and have cost at least one person their life. Others have warned that the tools are tainted by some ancient curse, and they seem to have a powerful influence over dwarves descended from the High Clans and dwarves with knowledge of building and carpentry.

The tools are quite ancient, and their true abilities are not known at this time.

Thi-Ree, The Fathers' Tools

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