World's End Inn

A strange location in Free Joppa, Thornwall, and perhaps one other city, the World’s End Inn appears in three incarnations at random intervals. In each incarnation, there is a different proprietor and apparent pet or mascot at the inn, and the decorations and services vary. In each incarnation, the inn appears to be a converted dwarven barracks with areas blocked off by bricked up archways. One of the greatest oddities is that interactions with each proprietor seem to carry over to the others, and stranger still, that some interactions occur when the party is not present!

The first incarnation of the inn is run by a cantankerous, elderly dwarf called Puzzle. Puzzle’s face and eye are badly scarred and he drags one leg when he walks. Puzzle’s pet is a tortoiseshell cat that seems mild and sleepy. Puzzle seems preoccupied with carving intricate dwarven runes into thin wooden boards. He is gruff, dislikes being questioned, and doesn’t appear to care if anyone stays at the inn or not. Puzzle appears to know something of ancient history. Puzzle’s version of the inn seems to be native to Free Joppa and takes the form of an old dwarven armory stocked for some unknown war.

The second incarnation of the inn is run by Mystery, a beautiful eladrin woman with a soft voice. In this version of the inn, the upstairs rooms feature stained glass flowers that shine beautiful patterns in the morning and afternoon sunshine. Mystery has long, braided green hair and wide silver eyes. She is evasive about herself or the inn’s owner, and seems to have an uncomfortable fear of going outside the inn. Mystery is an accomplished baker and provides bread to the inn’s guests. Her pet is an old gray and white parrot with dull red eyes that seems ill-tempered. When confronted, the parrot screams “Go the bed!” in much the same manner as Puzzle, the dwarven proprietor. Mystery seems preoccupied with illustrating and illuminating an elven text on history, of which she, too, displays some knowledge. Mystery’s version of the inn is located in the Park District of Thornwall and appears as an decrepit noble eladrin’s hunting lodge.

The third incarnation of the inn is well-lit with torches and braziers and is run by Riddle, a burly goliath youth that enjoys and displays some skill with painting portraits and landscapes. Awkward and unsure of himself, Riddle is the most friendly and helpful of the three proprietors, but seems to also know the least. His pet is a tiny black mouse he calls Blackie. Blackie seems agitated by Scorch, and bit her finger when she tried to be friendly to the tiny creature. Riddle has revealed that he interacted with the party when they were not present at the inn. Like many young males, he has a strong interest in attractive young females. Where Riddle’ version of the Inn resides, no one knows as yet.

Publicly, each location of the inn is widely thought to be haunted, though little specific information or rumor seems to be in the public mind. There are references to “a woman”, “a dwarf”, and “a goliath” in connection with the haunting, but no firm details. The party has never observed any other guests at the inn. On one occasion, following an odd encounter with Puzzle regarding the mysterious Thi-Ree, The Fathers’ Tools, Scorch interacted with an unseen Tiefling woman who called herself Kanni who claimed to own the inn. She possessed powerful magical items and told Scorch that she had somehow “fixed” Puzzle’s mind but was forced to alter his memories in the process. Solis has also heard (but did not see) Kanni, but did not know her existence was unusual.

World's End Inn

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