Thornwall was once the site of a major druid circle for the people of Streicha and their northernmost holding. Thronwall guarded the entrance to Rormir’s Gap and protected the southlands from invasions by savage humanoids. Generations of druid lords are buried the tall hill beneath Thorncrest Castle, but the druid circle was pulled down by invaders from Iskend more than 100 years ago. Thornwall has been an Iskendran holding ever since, but is still considered an important place of reverence to followers of the primal power source. The city’s name comes from the magical bramble barrier that protects the town, created by the druid lords of old and maintained now by druids in Iskend’s employ.

Thornwall is the last bastion of southern civilization, and beyond it lies hundreds of miles of mostly unexplored and unknown lands once ruled by the Ruined Empire. There are many small satellite communities around Thornwall, but most are simple farmsteads, border forts, and free holds. Thornwall is ruled by Duke Cyrus Witching, a descendant of the invaders that overthrew the city five generations prior. Despite this, Duke Cyrus is well-liked by even the Streichan population, who see him as fair and just.

Thornwall remains a major gateway for traders, explorers, and adventurers.


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