The Spirits

The Spirits

The spirits that grant their might to the Primal power source are believed to have arisen from the deaths of the Primordials during the Dawn War. These powerful entities are mysterious and strange, embroiled in unfathomable games and power struggles with one another that affect the mortal world and beyond.

Father Morning

A vividly green serpent with gold and silver highlights, Father Morning rules the East from a palace of pale green jade roofed with red tiles. Father Morning pits himself against Mother Dusk, and is associated with the Feywild courts of Spring. His son is Pale Sun, who courts Little Moon.

King Sky

A vast blue bird with a black breast twinkling with tiny stars, King Sky is the Lord Above, the ruler of the Cloud Heavens. King Sky is said to see all that happens on the surface of the world, and those who crave divination often beseech him.

Lord Noon

Depicted as a huge golden lion with a mane of red flames, Lord Noon is the King of the South. Bold and daring, Lord Noon is tied to the Summer Courts of the Feywild and is also the ancient emblem of the Golden Order of Iskend. Lord Noon is the ancient enemy of Midnight and is said to have revealed to Sunastien the secret of relighting the sun again.


Also known as the Lord of the North, Midnight is a vast white bear surrounded by mist and swirling snowflakes. Calm and callous, Midnight is strongly associated with the Winter Courts of the Feywild, especially the Silver Twilight. He feuds endlessly with Lord Noon. Midnight is the father of Little Moon.

Mother Dusk

A slender woman robed and veiled in purple and violet, Mother Dusk carries a little silver bell to warn of her approach. She is the old enemy of Father Morning, directing her subterfuge and intrigue from her sandstone palace behind the East Wind. The Autumn Courts of the Feywild call her an ally, and she has great influence in the Shadowfell as well, especially among the Shadar Kai.


Appearing variously as a rat, bee, ant, mouse, or other small creature bearing a lit candle, One-of-Many is the messenger of the spirits. He carries news from spirit to spirit and occasionally bears tidings to those in the mortal world as well. One-of-Many loves sweets and has a special fondness of children and old people, especially those in their “second childhood”.

The Spirits

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