Located on the southwestern coast of Eradnis, Streicha is a hilly nation comprised of many small farmsteads, free holds, and manor houses. Streicha has a hereditary monarchy that rules over about 20,000 subjects. The chief races of Streicha are humans, dwarves, elves, half-elves, and halflings. The Streichan people chiefly follow primal and martial powers, with some influence by the divine. The Streichans are proud and boisterous, skilled in woodcraft and in carving their lives from the rugged hills and crags of the Shield Mountains.

Streicha is a primarily Good nation with some unaligned tendencies. They are expansionist, with Shan, Heimner, and Tanis as the most popular Gods.

Many small communities owe allegiance to Streicha, but their only significant city is Thunder Bay.


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