Important People

Axelrod Anvilhand, Joppan Wooddwarf

Not well-liked by the other Woodman, Axelrod remains on the ruling council because of his strong ties to the craftsdwarves in the dwarven community of Free Joppa and Thornwall. He opposes the influence of the party, feeling they are meddling outsiders with an unpredictable agenda of their own. He seems to be a quiet opponent, and has caused no serious problems.

Black Dog, Brutal Bar-Keep

Owner and operator of the Black Dog Inn along the docks in southern Thornwall, Black Dog is one of Bloody Bill Bones’ lieutenants. Black Dog’s Inn, the Black Dog, is a major center of criminal activities in Thornwall.

Bloody Bill Bones

Leader of the Bones Gang in southern Thornwall, William Bonsell is a gruff, cunning fighter. Distinctive with his full black beard and tangle of black hair, Bill Bones cuts quite the figure as he prowls the southside with Rake, his albino bodyguard.

Bors Blindgleam, Dwarf-At-Arms

A dwarven warlord with a truly mercenary nature, Bors was hired by the party to train the soldiers at Stormwatch.

Conrad the Cruel

Former leader of the Watch at Great Lodge, Conrad was ousted by his brother-in-law Goyle after Conrad’s misdeeds were brought to light by the party. Following in his father’s footsteps, Conrad continued to control the mad wizard Geither to produce the undead dreadsman to guard the town. Conrad orchestrated the attack on Esther’s home resulting in her parents’ deaths and her own capture and rape by the elves of Amroth. When Conrad was defeated by Goyle, he was banished from Great Lodge and departed quickly. His current whereabouts are unknown, though he is believed to have headed north.

Crovis the Powerless

Once a powerful vestige warlock, Crovis was tricked and betrayed by Lotharite necromancers. His vivilex (a magical item granting him the power of personal resurrection) was stolen from him by the Lotharites and used to steal his magical abilities to confer upon Rankvile the Alchemist. Rankvile needed Crovis’s arcane abilities in order to pursue the creation of a lich’s phylactery for himself. Crovis was held by the Lotharites for nearly twenty-five years, imprisoned and tortured in a subterranean dungeon to pry his secrets from him. While Crovis can no longer work magic, he still possesses a keen mind and a tremendous knowledge of arcana and religion. His wife Evanor and oldest son Evandor are now Lotharites themselves, apparently part of Rankvile’s mysterious plots. Crovis’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Cyrus Witching, Duke of Thornwall

Third Duke of Thornwall, Cyrus is the direct descendant of Hugo Witching, the man who overthrew the Druid Lord of Thornwall and made it part of the kingdom of Iskend. Cyrus is middle-aged, a skilled swordsman and diplomat, and keeps the peace in the area around Thornwall. Cyrus Witching is a knight-lord of the Golden Lions and is tasked by King Sebastian with expanding Iskend’s influence over the northlands.

Elil, Eladrin Ritualist

Mysterious and quiet, Elil is a devotee of Crovis the Powerless as a student of the arcane arts. Elil has studied magic in the Feywild, and bears rosebush tattoos over much of his body. When Crovis departed Stormwatch, Elil followed him.

Ephraim White, Minister of Lothar Bonelord

Wheelchair-bound and quite cunning, Father White is a priest of Lothar interested in establishing a church in Stormwatch. White and his son, Maurice, raised Solis from the dead to further their cause, but their final goals are unknown. When he learned that Scorch would not permit them to construct a church in Stormwatch, he and his son departed immediately for Thornwall.

Eradol Everkeen, Elf of Amroth

An influential leader among the Amrothi elves, Eradol has been helped to restore peace in the valley. His brother Ermand led the attack on Esther’s family and was killed by Esther’s mother, and he in turn offered his life to Esther to make peace. She spared him, and now his son Eladel is married to her friend Griselda to join the elves and men of the valley. Eradol led the elves away from Amroth, leaving Thinned and the other male ecclesiastics behind to live out the rest of their natural lives in peace.

Esther, Leader of Great Lodge

Esther’s family came to Great Lodge as refugees from the destruction of Loudwater by Rormir. Her father, Rogan, soon became a nuisance to Conrad and his father, Conniff, and the pair arranged for the elves of Amroth to attack Rogan’s household to take kill Rogan and take his wife and child as war brides. Esther and her mother were raped, but escaped soon after. Esther’s mother died in the escape, and Esther returned alone to Great Lodge to find her father dead. She hid with her grandfather, the wizard Geither until her baby was born and continued to enjoy the protection of his increasingly sinister reputation. Despite his origins, Esther is devoted to her son Lennik and would do anything to keep him safe. After the party revealed Conrad’s complicity in the attack on Esther’s family, she has been thrust into a position of leadership and is now head of the Council of the city. Esther has been key in making peace with the elves and breaking the cycle of violence between the two peoples of the valley.

Evandor, Son of Crovis

Known as “The Char” by the eastside criminals of Thornwall, Evandor is a warlock of tremendous power, apparently with an infernal pact. Evandor is bald, a quarter-elvish, and carries an enchanted broom allowing him the power of flight. He is part of the Lotharite movement building a road through the eastern side of the Shield Mountains connecting the Marrow Wood with Pearlwood Valley and the ruins of Mechanon. His mother, Evanor, rides a black dragon and seems to lead the Lotharite movement.

Evanor, Queen of the Lotharites

Former wife of Crovis, Evanor is a half-elven woman who leads the Lotharite movement building a road from the east side of the Shield Mountains into the Pearlwood Valley and the ruins of Mechanon. She rides a black dragon, and seems quite powerful, though none of the party has of yet tangled with her. She presumably has some magical ability, but its exact nature is as yet unknown. She was once Crovis’s wife, though how she became a Lotharite is unknown at this time.

Geither, Mad Genius of Great Lodge

The elderly wizard Geither was a danger to himself and others, according to his keepers, and it turned out to be true! Geither came to Great Lodge nearly 80 years ago with his wife, fleeing from Rormir’s attack on Loudwater. He struck a deal with the town fathers for amnesty in exchange for his wealth and magical expertise to help defend Great Lodge from Rormir. Geither and his wife had one child, a son called Rogan. After Geither’s wife died, he became increasingly erratic and retreated more and more to the confines of his underground workshop where the Conroy and his son Conrad were quite happy to keep him. After Rogan proved to be a vocal troublemaker in his own right, Conrad arranged to have him killed and his family stolen away. When this only partly succeeded and Geither’s granddaughter Esther returned, Geither became obsessed with the town’s protection. When the party inadvertently revealed Conrad’s role in the affair, Geither murdered his watcher in an attempt to create a dreadsman to kill Conrad. After the party revealed these facts to Goyle and Esther, the town fathers decided Geither was too dangerous to live. Barrels of coal oil were dumped into his workshop and the whole place set ablaze. Geither’s death and the destruction of his workshop destroyed the dreadsmen as well, but the warding lamps around the city still seem to function for now.

Goyle the Grim

Brother-in-law to the villain Conrad, Goyle is a tough, gruff protector of Great Lodge. After learning of Conrad’s crimes, Goyle challenged him to holy combat for leadership of the town. After defeating him, Goyle oversaw Conrad’s trial and banishment. He now is one of the councilmen of Great Lodge, running things from his general store while trying to maintain an ordinary life.

Gyre Greymantle, Marshal of Joppa

A studied and serious campaigner, Gyre Greymantle was appointed by King Sebastian of Iskend to guard Joppa. He commands the inner garrison and the watch within the walls of Joppa. He seems to mistrust Scorch and her allies, but maintains and cold civil veneer.

Jorel Jollyboar, Councilman of the Woodman Guild

Popular and well-liked, Jorel Jollyboar is one of the most influential and admired members of the Woodman Guild in the city of Free Joppa. He is kind, soft-spoken, and genuinely cares about the guild he helps lead. He is good friends with Magnus Mightybrew, head of the Mightybrew Clan. His wife Edda just bore him his first son, and he travels much less as a result.

Kari Icegate, Lady Mayor of Free Joppa

Selected at the end of the recent war by King Sebastian and King Tor of Iskend and Streicha to rule the neutral free city of Joppa, Kari Icegate is a fierce dwarf of unimpeachable character and moral conviction. She represents the trade interests of both nations and helps to smooth cultural tension. Joppa has become tremendously wealthy under her guidance, transforming in a matter of two years from a huddle of tents and wooden shanties into a walled town with many fine new buildings and a stone structures. Wealth from the northlands and southlands mingle in Free Joppa, as does knowledge and many strange relics. Kari has maintained that the Icegate dwarves came from the northlands, a distant kingdom on the edge of collapse during the dark times after the fall of the Ruined Empire. Kari has pledged a fortune in gold to anyone that can re-establish contact with these northern Icegates or their descendants. Kairi struggles to maintain peace and order in Free Joppa, especially as tensions between Scorch and Manx Manburner escalate. Now that Scorch is no longer a marshal, Kairi’s role seems uncertain in Stormwatch’s future.

Long Peter, Lurker Under the Docks

Operating from beneath the docks in southern Thornwall, Petrosamovich (known locally as “Long Peter”) is a necromancer in the employ of Bloody Bill Bones. Long Peter sees very few people, and is universally shunned, even by the normally hardened and ruthless men in Bloody Bill’s service. His obese, simple assistant Hump is his only remaining link to the outside world. Long Peter knew both Crovis and Rankvile, and once worked with both men. He was betrayed by Rankvile, but “lived” to fight another day.

Magnus Mightybrew, Purveyor of Formidable Drinks

Head of the Mightybrew Dwarf family, Magnus Mightybrew is quite rich and respected among dwarfkind. Based out of the city of Free Joppa, Magnus oversees the operations of the Mightybrew clan in Iskend and Streicha. While the Mightybrew Brewery (often referred to as just the The Brewery) is far to the north, beyond even Thornwall, Magnus is able to provide strong drink to dozens of taverns and private subscribers throughout the southlands. Recently, Magnus has joined forces with Jorel Jollyboar of the Woodmans’ Guild and Fearghus Finegrind of the Stonecutters’ Guild to support the reconstruction and resupply of Stormwatch Keep. Magnus’s wife, Brunhild, is Kari Icegate’s sister.

Manx Manburner, Marshal of Joppa

One of the infamous Manburner clan, Manx is a warband leader and bannerman of old from Streicha. Ordered by King Tor to protect Joppa from bandits, Manx governs the outer garrison, the troops beyond Joppa’s walls. He bitterly despises Scorch for reasons not entirely clear and openly challenges her authority and character. Manx is extremely dangerous, an accomplished and fearsome swordsman, and shows little fear of punishment or reprisal.

Morrad Dim, Monster of the Elder Age

A devotee of the foul god Vladrak, Morrad Dim is a vladrakeen of tremendous power. According to fragments of history collected from the Arkhosian Empire, Morrad Dim was too powerful to be destroyed by the Dragonborn Council of Wyrms, and so was magically sealed within his pyramid and hurled into the Astral Sea. Dark prophecies have whispered of Morrad Dim’s return, and rumors spread that his pyramid and the rank jungle of darkness around it have been sighted on the fringes of many civilized lands. Where the Dim Vault appears, the world is sure to be in danger.

Murphy, Oddball Alchemist and Collector

Deirdre Murphy is an attractive young woman who always dresses in men’s clothing. She owns a shop in Free Joppa where she sells potions at a 10% discount over other shops’ prices. She has a raven familiar and seems able to call upon or create man-like figures out of high-quality clay that do her bidding. She seems benign, and even paid Sibera for a sample of her body tissues and fluids for magical research. Murphy was apparently very ill-treated by her father, now apparently deceased. She appears to be interested in a relationship with Sibera, but her true motives, activities, and history are unknown at this time.

Nimiel, Silver Prince of the Winter Covenant

Amid much speculation about the meaning of the cryptic message “Summer is coming!”, the party learned of Nimiel, an eladrin hero apparently banished by his people as part of the Jade Bargain that held Gulthiaz imprisoned. Rumors and legends of a “Silver Prince returning when things are at their darkest to save us all” seemed to point towards Nimiel, but now that he has been revealed to be dead, the truth or meaning of these legends is in doubt. Persy, castellan of Stormwatch, was once Nimiel’s lover and arranged for his rescue, but news of his death has struck her a devastating blow.

Persy, Eladrin Castellan of Stormwatch

After the departure of Crovis, the party hired Persy to take his place as Castellan. She admits to only having one previous employer and that things ended badly, but assures everyone she’ll do just fine here. She seems bright and effective, though a bit gloomy. It has been revealed that Persy came to Stormwatch to rescue her one true love, an eladrin hero called Nimiel, who was apparently part of the Jade Bargain imprisoning Gulthiaz. When Gulthiaz was loosed from his bonds, apprently Nimiel was returned to his place of origin. Now, Persy’s sworn-sister returned through the portal bearing Nimiel’s bones. Apparently, Nimiel died long ago, and the previous bargain was held in place by the dwarves that kept Stormhold. Persy is heart-broken by the revelation, and her ultimate fate is now uncertain.

Peter Pilgrim, Master of Thornwall’s Rookery

The despicable villain known as Peter Pilgrim (though who signs his own name as Peter the Pilgrim) rules the east side of Thornwall through murder, addiction, and mayhem. His gang is ruthless and cruel, swift to act and well-connected with the city’s higher-ups. Peter shows great base cunning, and his chief lieutenant is a one-eyed man with a fondness for daggers and smoking a pipe. Peter is tied to the Lotharites active in the Marrow Wood.

Rankvile the Alchemist

A haunting memory from Scorch’s past, Rankvile the Alchemist has reappeared to re-open old wounds and further his own nefarious goals. Judging by the strange alchemical laboratory discovered in the old tower from the Forest of Stone, Rankvile is attempting to create a phylactery and transform himself into a lich. According to local legend and rumor, Rankvile helped Hugo Witching conquer Thornwall and destroy the druid circle there, may have kidnapped Witching’s daughter, and disappeared. It appears that Rankvile was the madman who kidnapped Scorch and her family as children, and the strange symbol on her back appears to be associated with Rankvile and the demon Gulthiaz in some fashion. The search for Rankvile has revealed that the alchemist first experimented on goblins with the drow Shinnago, seeking to learn and copy the secret of goblins’ apparent corporeal immortality. After this proved unsuccessful, Rankvile pursued an agenda regarding the captured demon Gulthiaz, though the exact goal and results remain mysterious. It was during this time that Rankvile kidnapped Scorch as a young girl, apparently in league with Long Peter. Their partnership ended when Rankvile attempted to kill Long Peter. Since then, Rankvile is apparently trying to create a lich’s phylactery using magical power stolen from the warlock Crovis. Rankvile’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Sebastian the Wise, King of Iskend

Sebastian took the throne of Iskend as a small boy with his cousin as regent, but on assuming the throne, he has ruled calmly, cleverly, and to the great profit of his people. Ten years ago, war broke out with Streicha due to border skirmishes and continued Streichan anger over the capture of Thornwall many years earlier. After a five year campaign, King Sebastian was able to negotiate peace with the fierce King Tor of Streicha, a feat many consider miraculous. Now quite elderly, Sebastian will soon be succeeded by his son, Prince Samuel. Many dread this day, for Samuel is not known to be as wise or compassionate as his father.

Shiek the Curstrix

A middle-aged tiefling of striking beauty, Shiek is an old friend of Scorch’s father. She is a local expert on curses and has a strange manner of expressing herself through insults, scorn, and nuggets of wisdom. She follows the fey pact and is served by a mysterious animated scarecrow known as Boo.

Thinned, Amrothi Ascetic

One of the grim elves of Amroth, Thinned is the leader of the religious elves that despise the local humans and refuse to embrace peace. When Eradol Everkeen led the other elves out of Amroth to live among the humans of Great Lodge, Thinned and the other ecclesiastics chose to remain despite their lack of female membership. They will live out the rest of their lives on the mountain rather than mix with humankind.

Tor the Strong, High King of Streicha

One of the great goliaths native to the Shield Mountains, Tor the Strong came to rule out of the respect and fear of his fellow Streichans. Gathering the many banners of the local land lords, manor lords, farm steads, and free houses was quite an undertaking, particularly for a goliath in a land dominated by humankind. Tor leads his people with courage and directness, and his primal faith bolsters their belief in the spirits of the land. Tor despised the war that broke out between Streicha and Iskend ten years ago and united his nation quickly to put a stop to it. He has served as king of Streicha for only a short time, though many believe he will remain High King as Streicha is being better organized along the lines of their Iskendran neighbors. Tor threatens great suffering to any that break the peace with Iskend, but many of his bannermen still chafe under the yoke of peace.

Torvald, Cousin of King Tor

An enormous goliath of monstrous strength and appetite, Torvald oversaw Scorch’s removal from office as marshal of Joppa and goaded her to take the title of warband leader and jarl. His black humor and crude joviality earned him the dislike of the party and sowed seeds of dissent. Torvald is the king of Thunder Bay, second in authority only to High King Tor himself.

Ving, Dwarf Hermit

Clad only in his long hair and beard, Ving is a druid who practices voluntary simplicity. He claimed to have once been a dwarf leader of some renown, but lost everything due to his arrogance. His life was saved by one of the Green Fathers, and so he took up their ways and shed everything that had once belonged to him. He seems quite wise, if a bit strange, and lives at a circle of stones just outside Free Joppa.

Important People

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