According to ancient legend, the goblins were not a created race, but were in fact an accident. As the legend goes, in the dark days when the Primordials labored to build the world and populated it with the First Ones, drops of sweat fell from their might brows and mixed with the mud, dust, and ashes of the world they were creating. Imbued with a spark of Creation, these blobs of mud and soot became alive, yet no two were alike. They struggled to survive in the new, strange world they had come about in, unloved and uncared for by anything. These first goblins came together in fellowship and fear, hiding from the First Ones and the Primordials that toiled around them. They dug burrows and holes, hiding in the earth. When the First Ones were banished, the goblins remained, mostly unnoticed. When the Gods took stewardship of the world, the goblins hid from them as well, awed and terrified by the majesty. When the other races were fashioned, the goblins emerged from their hiding places and approached them, but the new races were repulsed by the goblins’ ugliness and strangeness, so they struck them down and drove them away. Ever since, goblins have hated the races of the world. When the Dawn War broke out, the goblins fought only to survive, first against the Gods and their children, and then against the returned First Ones. As empires rise and fall, goblins remain ever in the shadows, breeding to terrible numbers when law and order fall apart and barbarism rules the lands. Goblins remain a danger to all other beings, for their wickedness is deep and their hatred and jealousy burn in them still.


Because they are uncreated, goblins are somewhat strange compared to many of the familiar races. Goblins come in many shapes, sizes, and body types but generally fall into three distinct categories: goblins (also known as common goblins), hobgoblins, and bugbears. Goblins have a terrible reputation for savagery, brutality, and debauchery that is well-deserved. Goblins delight in torment and torture, particularly of the Gods’ favorites. According to legend, female goblins are exceedingly rare. However, goblins make up for this by being able to breed with virtually any species of animal due to the spark of Creation that burns in them still. Goblins form close bonds with animals such as wolves and spiders, and goblins frequently attack settlements and make off with the inhabitants to use as slaves and breeding stock. Most civilized nations have a bounty on goblins.

Many goblins have a knack for primal and arcane magic, but they care little for the divine. Some goblins worship other powerful creatures, especially demons and the First Ones and serve them in exchange for knowledge and protection. Owing to the great age of their race, goblin warrens and burrows sometimes offer up many strange and exciting discoveries from long ago.

Goblins have little sense of self-worth or individuality, and tend to be almost suicidally brave or recklessly uncaring in combat. They also have little loyalty to one another or other allies.

Goblins also appear to be resistant to many ordinary elemental forces, perhaps owing to their Primordial origins. One other significant finding about goblins is that they apparently have no natural life span. While their brutal society and lack of self-preservation skills leads many goblins to early, gruesome deaths, it appears that goblins do not age past maturity and may be capable of livings hundreds or even thousands of years.


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