The Exiles

When the Primordials seemed to have the upper hand in the Dawn War and defeat for the Gods seemed certain, the situation was made more dire by the sudden and precipitous defection of many of their members. These deities severed their ties to the world and fled the mortal world, abandoning their fellows to the tender mercies of their enraged Primordial parents. Only the return of the First Ones saved Creation from destruction at the Primordials’ hands, and now the Exiles are reviled by the followers of the Pantheon. Rumors persist that some Exiles linger in the shadows, seeking an opportunity to return.

Adun the Judge – Lawful Good

Called the Maimed and the Decider, Adun was one of the first gods to flee when destruction seemed certain. Adun took a large number of his followers with him in an effort to preserve justice and honor somewhere in the universe. His realm floats in the Astral Sea and is rumored to be a grim place heavily fortified against enemies long defeated.

Allimandra – Evil

Queen Mother and Matriarch Supreme of the Drow people, Allimandra is called the Ill-Mother and the Matron Below. Her drow supporters were fanatically loyal, offending the other races and faiths to prove their slavish devotion, and her sudden abandonment of them devastated their power and belief. She fled into the outer darkness, the Far Realm, abandoning even her Astral realm to ruin and decay. Allimandra’s fate remains a mystery, and the ways into her Astral realm are said to be guarded by Drow, but what they guard, no one knows for certain.

Beylan- Unaligned

One of the minor gods, Beylan was sworn to uphold the balance between Good and Evil and Law and Chaos. He was the last of the Exiles to depart, terrified beyond reason by the arrival of the First Ones. Swept aside by their monstrous evil and chaos, Beylan wept and fled the world. He has apparently sealed his Astral realm, and rumors persist of ancient relics and magics sealed away with him.

Grimgoth – Chaotic Evil

Brother of Dom, Grimgoth the Gorger, the Ever-Greedy, was a terrifying god in battle. Stuffing himself on the bodies of his enemies and reveling in slaughter and plunder, Grimgoth was content to fight alongside the Gods when victory seemed possible. When the First Ones erupted from the Far Realm on the Day of Darkness, Grimgoth fled the battlefield, wounding Kulgan in his escape to leave him an easy target on the field. Grimgoth is believed to be sniffing around the world again, seeking a way back for rich feasts and new worshipers.

Ket – Evil

Paragon of honorable villains, Ket the Conqueror, the Dire Crusader, is the only Exile who is not an Exile by choice. Ket stood alongside the other Gods on the Day of Darkness and beyond, but in a later battle was grievously wounded protecting the goddess Vor. Vor opened a portal to escape the world, and Ket was drawn through when she escaped. His Astral realm has melted away, and its debris has vanished. Some believe that Ket has died, and others believe he is now intimate with Vor, though whether as her partner or her prisoner, many continue to debate.

Undyne – Unaligned

The Trickster, Undyne the Sly, Undyne the Unknown, disappeared in the late days of the Dawn War, after the Day of Darkness certainly but no more precise date can be established. His followers likewise disappeared or went into hiding, and Undyne’s Astral realm has collapsed into the Feywild and is now the seat of the Immortal Court. Some suspect that Undyne is actually dead, while others believe he never left at all and continues to conceal himself in the out-of-the-way corners of Creation.

Vor – Good

The Bountiful, Green Mother, the Vine-Mother, Vor was once a great goddess of nature. After the Day of Darkness, she was one of the great healers among the Pantheon. When she was trying to save the life of Ket, her position was overwhelmed by the First Ones. Out of fear, she fled the mortal world, drawing Ket with her. Her Astral realm is now sealed, and some speculate she builds a natural paradise for herself and Ket, whose realm has disappeared.


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