Dead Gods

The Dead Gods

Despite their awesome powers, even the gods can be slain by powers equal to their own. During the Dawn War, many of the great gods were dragged down to death by the Primordials and the First Ones and their tremendous powers flowed back into the seething Elemental Chaos and the fabric of Creation.

Elam – Good

Elam the Messenger, the Swift-Flyer, the Winged One, was slain by the First Ones during the Long Night. She was overwhelmed by aberrant monstrosities and dragged down into a trackless desert. Her cult continues, and messenger guilds still bear her winged crest as their sign.

Fayhd – Unaligned

Fayhd the Recorder, the Silent Watcher, the Sentinel, was a minor god overwhelmed early in the war. In choosing to stand and do nothing but observe and record, he was mercilessly smashed by the Primordials that fashioned him. Never a particularly popular god, Fayhd’s legacy is all but gone in the current age.

Jerra – Unaligned

Jerra the Huntress, Lady of the Changing Moon, was killed in the last terrible battle before the end of the Long Night. Jerra held back the First One horde long enough for Sunastien to absorb the essence of the Primordial of Light and rekindle the sun. However, her injuries proved too great for even divine healing, and she succumbed. Jerra was placed in a vast tomb that became the heart of the Shadowfell, marking it forever as a somber realm of death.

Jet – Lawful Good

Jet the Bold, the Paragon Knight, died early in the war, before even the return of the First Ones. Jet matched his might against the Primordials, but was overwhelmed and destroyed. Jet’s followers still maintain a cult in his honor, and he is invoked at tournaments, melees, and other chivalric events, especially in Iskend. Rumors persist that Jet’s arms—-his lance, sword, and shield—-remain in the mortal world someplace.

Morinfen – Unaligned

The nature god Morinfen, known as the Furious and the Unshackled, was destroyed battling the Primordials early in the Dawn War. His burial mound gradually faded away from the mortal world and now lies near the heart of the Feywild, a place of stunning unnatural beauty. It is believed that the four greatest Spirits rose from Morinfen’s defeat, and his cult persists with great fervor among the Primal followers of Streicha.

Reinhardt – Lawful Good

The Smith, Diamondfist, and Soul-Forger, Reinhardt was perhaps the greatest of the gods to be slain in the Dawn War. Reinhardt sacrificed himself to turn the tide against the First Ones in the final battle. Reinhardt was given a vast tomb in the mortal world, and legends persist that his diamond hand remains among the living. Reinhardt’s cult is the most widespread, especially among the dwarves.

Theya – Good

Theya the Thunderer was slain in one of the many battles during the Long Night after she unsuccessfully sought to make peace with the Primordials long enough to eradicate the First Ones. Theya was killed and dragged away by the First Ones and her ultimate resting place is unknown. Her cult has dwindled over the years, with most of her former followers becoming Heimnerites instead. Still, a handful of worshipers follower her teachings, mostly in Streicha.

Dead Gods

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