Lineth Willowind

Confident elven tempest searching for a cure to boredom.


A lithe bodied elven woman blazing with confidence and sexuality, she commands obedience with a look. Her dark green hair is kept in an elaborate pattern of braids and beads in elven fashion. She has black eyes and an almond complexion. Garbed in fine elven chain with black leather and fur lining, she wields her family blade paired with another short sword with the grace of the Willowind tempest style.


Lineth was born to a life of luxury. Her family owns many businesses in Iskend, the foremost of which is a metal smithy. They make fine elven blades and chain, as well as jewelery. The blade and chain is also connected to the martial tempest school of the Willowind style. He father is the grandmaster of the school as well as the head of business, a busy man with not much time for his family. Her mother made sure that Lineth had a well rounded education and hired tutors for every subject she could think of.

As a youth, Lineth decided she would join her father’s school so she could spend more time with her dad and for the first time in her life he took notice of her. He pushed her harder than any other student for she was of the Willowind blood, and she never disappointed him.

Once Lineth reached adulthood, her father began to groom her in the ways of the family business. Dealing with petty complaints, constant deceit, and never a moment to relax was not what she wanted in life, but she stayed and learned anyway out of duty to the family. Then, when her mother had another child, she felt her obligation fade and told her family she was going on a journey.

Before she left, her father brought her into his chambers at the school and handed her the family’s blade. One of three heirlooms of the Willowinds, the only one they have left. He told her that the other two are said to be in the north, left behind when the family fled the destruction of the great war.

So, with this new information she headed north in search of adventure and hoping to return it to civilization.

Lineth Willowind

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