The Way North

Peace has finally been brokered between the southern cities, and a new era of cooperation and prosperity is dawning. After five years of war, King Sebastian the Wise of the chivalrous nation of Iskend and King Tor the Strong of the proud and rustic nation of Streicha have signed a peace accord. Goods have begun crossing the frontier between the two nations and old tensions have begun to ease. Iskendran knights and Streichan wardens now share drinks in taverns, and the two cities now look northward, through the Shield Mountains and the Gap of Rormir to the wide lands beyond. The road through Rormir’s Gap leads to Thornwall, last bastion of civilization and culture on the wilderness frontier. Beyond Thornwall lie many miles of territory once held by the Ruined Empire in the days after the Dawn War, but since fallen into disarray and darkness.

Few records exist of the Ruined Empire, but all agree that its wealth and learning were without equal. Rumors abound of lost treasures, mighty magics, and terrible dangers throughout the land. The few scholars and sages of Iskend and Streicha know little for certain of what lies beyond Rormir’s Gap and the gates of Thornwall.

Mysterious Marches

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